Approval Aircraft Manufacturer Description Model Mission Type
SA15-29 Hawker Beechcraft EOIR Surveillance provisions KA200, 300, 350 Special Mission
SA12-62 EMBRAER PHENOM GALLEY – Executive Galley Fabrication EMB-500 Business Class
O-RA18-037/D Agusta Seat Repair AW139
O-LSH18-026D Falcon Medical Install Falcon Medivac
SH 19-50 Sikorsky Bubble Window S92a Search and Rescue
SH18-14 Agusta Cabin Door AW139 Search and Rescue
O-LSA18-106D Hawker Beechcraft EOIR Surveillance provisions G58 Special Mission
SH18-12 Airbus Lithium Ion Battery Replacement Install EC130 B4, EC 130 T2
SH18-63 Airbus Gas Leak Detector Provisions AS350 Scientific
O-LSH19-053/D Agusta Medical Equipment Mount AW139 Medivac
O-LSA19-022D Pilatus Equipment Rack PC Search and Rescue
O-LSH18-030D Airbus Tablet Install AS350 Scientific
contact Airbus Cold Weather Kit AS350 Scientific
contact Bell Window De-Fogger B206 Scientific
contact Bell Battery Installation B206 Scientific
contact Sikorsky Medical Interior S92a Medivac
contact Airbus Long Line EC135 Scientific / Search and Rescue
contact Hawker Beechcraft Cargo Pod KA200, 300, 350 Special Mission / Scientific
contact Agusta EOIR Surveillance provisions AW139 Special Mission
O-LSH20-069/D Agusta iPad/EFB Holder AW139 General
O-LSH19-183/D Agusta Cabin Storage Kit AW139 General
RDA O-RAP21-019 Beechcraft Seat bracket replacement kit B200/300 series General
O-LSA20-139D Agusta MT Propeller replacement kit DC-3 General
NA All Sheepskin Seat Cover All General