Turnkey Integration

At ICARUS, we specialize in delivering comprehensive Turnkey Aircraft Modifications and kits, offering end-to-end solutions encompassing every phase of the project lifecycle. From the initial conceptualization and detailed design and engineering stages to the meticulous execution of modifications, rigorous ground and flight testing, meticulous documentation generation, and ultimately, the delivery of the finalized product, we ensure a seamless and efficient process from start to finish.

With a dedicated hangar spanning over 13,000 square feet situated at the Muskoka airport, complemented by access to an additional 160,000 square feet of hangar space, ICARUS is well-equipped to accommodate aircraft modifications of varying scales. Our facilities are bolstered by a team of highly skilled technical experts, maintenance professionals, and adept program management personnel, all of whom are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and safety throughout every project.

Furthermore, ICARUS excels in providing turnkey kit manufacturing services across a spectrum of industries, including but not limited to Medical, Police force, Surveillance, Military, and Cargo transport. Our expertise and capabilities extend across diverse fields, enabling us to tailor solutions precisely to the unique requirements of each client and application.

Special Mission

Our versatile engineering team possesses a wealth of expertise in the development and implementation of both airborne and ground surveillance mission systems. Our specialization encompasses a wide array of mission-critical technologies, including but not limited to stabilized multi-sensor turret cameras, moving map systems, searchlights, and microwave downlinks, alongside the corresponding ground receiving systems.

At our core, we offer turnkey solutions designed to seamlessly fulfill all customer mission requirements. This comprehensive approach spans the entirety of the project lifecycle, beginning with an exhaustive initial site survey and extending through the meticulous design and analysis phases, rigorous ground testing procedures, and culminating in the manufacturing of fully certified STC kits.

By leveraging our integrated capabilities and industry-leading proficiency, we empower our clients with bespoke solutions tailored precisely to their operational needs. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation, we stand prepared to navigate the complexities of modern surveillance missions, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction at every stage of the process.


We offer multiple STC kits for the King Air as a Special Mission aircraft.


We offer STC kits for AgustaWestland AW139 for camera surveillance installation.


We offer multiple STC kits for the Sikorsky S-92A for specific mission operations