Integrated Kit Manufacturing

ICARUS specializes in offering integrated kit supply for both off the shelf solutions or those that can be customized to meet specific client requirements. ICARUS is an approved manufacturing organization (AMO) and offers a range of specialized manufacturing and production groups that allows us to supply kits either as a standalone activity or in support of a modification project. With a number of in-house capabilities this allows ICARUS to maintain and meet customers schedules. For a list of our existing, off the shelf kits please follow the link below or if you would like something customized to your project please contact us for more information.
In order to fulfill the ever growing design market we have succesfully developed a permanent process to allow for custom design printing on aircraft interiors. Through a water transfer print, or immersion printing we have developed a process which allows us to print virtually any custom graphics design on any shape or surface. The print process can be applied to any metal, composite, or various other materials. Contact us for more details on this exciting process.