Engineering / Design

The ICARUS AERO  team is comprised of a multidisciplinary engineering team with over 30 years of combined extensive aviation and aerospace industry experience. And can develop repair designs or modifications for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft of all types and sizes with support of transport delegated Engineers. No challenge is too big or too small. ICARUS AERO  regularly provides:

  • SSTC / RDA / PDA approvals
  • Aircraft Damage Assessments
  • Repair Designs
  • Development and certification of unique aircraft products, modifications or installations
  • CAD design and 3d solid modeling, structural analysis and certification.
  • All modifications and installations are certified by a Transport Canada Design Approval Representative (DAR)
  • Specializing in offering ‘Turn-Key’ Kits

We are confident that our organization will be an asset to all your aircraft modification and repair needs for cost effective and efficient turn around. The ICARUS AERO  goal is to provide unparalleled service in all types of aircraft services and to offer in house services for all maintenance, repair, and manufacturing or modification requirements. 

We specialize in the development and certification of unique aircraft products, modifications or installations. All modifications and installations are certified by a Transport Canada Design Approval Representative (DAR). This designation is equivalent to the American Designated Engineering Representative (DER). As a DAO we can offer unparalleled service for all aircraft certification requirements. 

3D Scanning and Rapid Prototyping

ICARUS can provide the experienced staff to consult on any 3D Scanning requirement. We can recommend the best 3D scanning solutions for the application. This includes not only the equipment, but the software, and design development. We offer complete 3D scanning imaging generally in a 24 hr turn around (depending on the size of the scan required and detail required).

Our scanning facilities and 3D laser scanning technologies will capture 3D measurements from objects as small as a rivet head or as large as an entire aircraft. When we remove the constraints imposed by conventional measurement technologies, the scope of applications becomes virtually limitless with 3D, digital data in hand.

While much of our work is in reverse engineering and product inspection, there are so many other uses for our 3D laser scanning and 3D measurement data. Our team of highly skilled professionals can transform the raw data into output formats that are the foundation for design, documentation, visualization, and analysis as well.

We are equipped to fulfill your 3 Dimensional needs in the following disciplines:

  • Non-contact 3D scanning, using short to medium range measurement technology our scanners are portable and we can bring the scanner(s) and services directly to you with zero impact on your work environment

  • Small project scans can be completed in less than a day and turn around is generally under 24hrs

  • Larger projects require more detailed scans and several days should be expected with great results

  • 3D Inspection / Dimensional analysis (dimensionally inspect features that reference your CAD), site documentation and measurement

  • Create 3D meshes for finite element Analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), kinematic Analysis

  • Reverse Engineering; Tool rework, part and component rework and redesign

  • Root Cause Analysis; defect / deterioration documentation, remodelling and repair design, site planning

  • Custom Manufacturing for custom fit products

We now offer 3D printing service for all your prototype needs!

3D printing is the perfect choice for manufacturing , making prototypes and even one off parts

It keeps the cost of parts low , but at the same time offering quality .

We offer 3D printing services In a wide range of diffrent material With multiple printers and we can produce parts quick for larger quantity runs

Please email us with the details of the parts or 3d rendering files.